A Chinese medicine perspective on Winter and the Water element.

Winter is the season that represents Yin in its most condensed form. As the earth turns away from the Yang energy of the sun, the ...
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Spring is in the Air

Spring into Health – Chinese medicine tips on how to stay well in the Spring   Spring is the season of change and renewal. It’s ...
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Injury, Strains and Sprains

Amongst the most common type of injuries to the body are sinew traumas such as sprains, strains and tears to musculature and surrounding tissues. This ...
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Cold Season & Chinese Medicine

The season of sneezing is upon us! This is the time of year when coughs, aches and pains, sore throats, headaches and stuffy sinuses start to ...
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Acupuncture for Pain

Acupuncture is a time honoured 2000+ year old medicine that the general community is now turning to more often as word gets around about this ...
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Treating Arthritis with Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Arthritis most commonly occurs in two different forms. Osteoarthritis is the “wear and tear” type and is the slow degeneration of the cushioning cartilage in ...
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The Concept of Damp in Chinese Medicine

Damp is such a descriptive word. What do you think of? Wet? Cold or Heat? Sticky? Heavy? These are all excellent words to describe the ...
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